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This buckle is of the full body of a medieval mythical dragon known as a Gargoyle. Legend has it that St. Romanus back in 600’s AD slayed a fire breathing dragon called Gargouille. When the monster was subdued, it was taken back to town and burned. However, the head and neck would not burn because while alive, it could withstand the fire coming out from its breath. So to warn others, the remains were hung on the outer wall of the newly built church to scare off any evil doers. While gargoyles first showed up in ancient architecture back in Egyptian times, they were in the form of a lion’s head. Later on Greek temples also used lion heads as well. It wasn’t until medieval times that cathedrals actually started to use beastly dragon heads with long necks. The earliest dragon gargoyles appeared on the Laon Cathedral started in 1200AD. The most famous is to be found on Notre-Dame de Paris started 1163AD.

This buckle was artisan designed and a quality product imported from Italy.

It is casted Zamak metal. Electroplated with 925 silver. Oxidized and then hand polished to a mirror finish to reveal a bright and contrasting antique look. Coated with an epoxy protective finish.

The belt bar accommodates both a 40mm and a 1 1/2 inch wide belt strap.


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