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This mythological buckle is quite the mystery as the Italian designer passed away in 2015. With him went the secrets of what kind of gods or angelic forces the buckle represented. It was in production for only two years. But with no one at the factory actually knowing what it was, this mystery buckle was retired in 2017. What remains is an extremely limited quantity.

So, if you love a mystic mystery, this is your talking piece. By the way, it’s not Poseidon or Neptune, as neither of them had wings!  And, if you know what it is, please illuminate us.

Made from casted Zamak metal. Electroplated with 925 silver. Oxidized and then hand polished to a mirror finish to reveal a bright and contrasting antique look. Coated with an epoxy protective finish.

The belt bar accommodates both a 40mm and a 1 1/2 inch wide belt strap.

Was imported from Italy and ships from the US.



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